Painters' Company Scholarships

The Painters’ Company Scholarship Scheme was established in 2012 to support undergraduate students every year at London Art Colleges. Each student receives £5,000 annually from the beginning of their second year until they complete their undergraduate studies, and they are known as a Painters’ Company Scholar. The students are selected entirely on merit and this is the meritocratically awarded scholarship for art students in London today.

In addition to the financial award, these students will receive support and encouragement from the Company in other ways – mentoring, advice on specific artistic issues, lectures and perhaps a small exhibition of their work at Painters’ Hall and/or another central London location.

The Painters’ Company Scholars are:

City & Guilds of London Art School (3 year course)
2012 – Jack Prendergast (graduated)
2013 – Kimberley Harvey (graduated)
2014 – Chris Stead
2015 - Oliver Epp

Goldsmiths College (3 year course)
2012 – Nazaneen Sharif (graduated)
2013 – Luke Samuel (graduated)
2014 – Emily Radish
2015 - Wren Moat

Slade School of Fine Art (4 year course)
2012 – Neena Percy (graduated)
2013 – Daniel Burley
2014 - Sarah Batey
2015 - Ben Mousley

Chelsea College of Arts (3 year course)
2014 – Isabella Hull
2015 - Anna Jespersen